Thursday, May 30, 2013

He did it again...

I used to have a post about how Dad sucks me in with these long winded lectures that turn out to be jokes, but obviously, when I deleted the blog, the post went. So y'all just hafta trust me when I say, he is the Master at sucking me in for these things.

This morning.
I'm in the study.
He stands in the doorway, putting on his 17th layer of clothing as Perth has finally received winter.

D: 'Wotcha printing chicken?' - chicken is a childhood nickname for me, as Mum's was Chookhead.
J: 'Just a crochet blanket pattern I wanna make'
D: 'Hey, can you print out something for me as well please? It's a DIY thing'
J: 'No prob, what's the address' - fingers poised
D: 'www.      www.    ww'
J: 'Hang on, what comes after the second w?'
D: ''
J: quick gut punch to Father.
J: 'Oh, that's like that website, right?'

He came back in while I was writing and handed me a piece of paper with the following address on it -

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