Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Breaking News!

It is NEVER okay to tell someone, 'If you were my missus I would've pulled you up years ago and told you off for letting yourself go!'

Dude...NOT COOL.

And for the record - you'd be lucky to have me as your missus ;)

Monday, April 29, 2013

It's kinda ridic to try and hide fat, right? It's just always there, being all fat...

I read an article at XO Jane the other day, about Fat Girls With Pixie Cuts. I don't wanna go pixie, but I've longed for AGES to get a short cut. My hair generally sits at around waist level, which is kinda stupid, given that most of the time I wear it up. But I had it in my head that people couldn't see the fat if I had long, feminine hair to hide it.

Turns out most people aren't blind, and can already tell that I'm somewhat cuddly.

So, when next I have moolah so as to make it rain on my hairdresser, this is what I shall be getting.

Pics to follow, but be warned, we've gotta sell a couple blocks and refinance and do all the grownup stuff before I can partake in something as flippant as a haircut, so y'all might wanna read a book while you're waiting. Check out fat girls + short hair if you need the push to get the haircut you WANT instead of the haircut you think you need.

BM-I Don't Care 2.0

So it turns out I like the attention of having a blog, and it gets kinda crowded in my head if I don't do some thought vomiting occasionally. And at least one person missed me (hi Rach!), so, I'M BACK!

Still playing with the template etc. Stick around peeps, it's gonna be fun ;)